This is the index for the Second Life™ Skills material. It has been developed in partnership with both parties able to use it under a creative commons share-alike licence.

This material will not cover every skill in Second Life, certainly not at first.

It now comes in four parts.

  1. Part one is aimed at general skills to enable learners to attend classes in Second Life and get around Second Life in a minimal way so they can change clothes, find places to visit etc. - both of which may be ancillary to some classes but may be essential in others.
  2. Part two is aimed more at those teaching in Second Life. It is not a complete guide, although I will very happily take additional submissions of ideas, links etc. to try and build it into a more comprehensive resource.
  3. Part three is a collection of tutorials and help on specific topics within Second Life.
  4. Part four is a collection of links to resources prepared by others, e.g. the Second Life Quick-Start Guide from Linden Lab.

In addition, I occasionally teach these topics in Second Life, and I will be adding links to transcripts of these classes where available.

  1. Learning in Second Life - the Walking and Talking basics
    1. Walking, flying, teleporting: Getting around
    2. Talking: text, voice, Instant Messsage, history, groups, friends
    3. Looking good: Shopping, rezzing and opening boxes. Coping with new inventory
    4. More with items: clicks and right-clicks, sitting, standing, blue boxes
    5. Finding new stuff: Search, blogosphere
  2. For the teacher
    1. Creating and setting a code of conduct: why, how what?
    2. Good teaching strategies in Second Life
    3. Poor teaching strategies in Second Life
    4. Differences in teaching in Second Life
    5. Assessment in Second Life
    6. Assessing Learning
    7. Assessing a project
  3. Specific tutorials
    1. Building
    2. Intermediate Building
    3. Groups
    4. Land
    5. Limits of Second Life
    6. Scripting
    7. Textures
  4. Links and other resources
    1. Second Life Quick-Start Guide (from Linden Lab)
    2. Second Life Lesson Plan: A Virtual Field-Trip (Paul Penfold, Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Class in (bad) French for architects about building and scripting in Second Life.

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Learner's Materials
1 Walking (etc.)
2 Talking (etc.)
3 Shopping (etc.)
4 Interacting
5 Searching
Teacher's Materials
1 Conduct
2 Good approaches
3 Poor approaches
4 Changes in approach
5 Assessment in SL
6 Assessing a project
7 Assessing learning
Specific Tutorials
1 Building
2 Int. Building
3 Camera Controls
4 Groups
5 Land
6 Limits of SL
7 Scripting
8 Textures

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