How are your students learning in Second Life? What can you do to make their learning better? This list comes from Ygraine Caerndow and is used with permission. If you would like to discuss it, please feel free to email her directly, or contribute to the blog post on my blog.

If you would like rubrics for students to assess their work, or to assess a project in Second Life, these are also available.

Skills AreaDescription12345
IntroductionIs the introduction clear and sufficient? Do feel like you know what to expect? Are you “grounded” or lost in space?
InterestAre you interested in the subject of this class? If not initially, did the instructor piqué any interest with the introduction?
AttentionHow easy or difficult is it for you to stay focused in this environment? To the material being presented? Is something creating distraction or intellectual “noise?”
ValueIs this subject important to you? Do you care whether you learn it or not? Would you come to class today if there were no grades attached to being here?
RelevanceDoes this subject have anything to do with your life? Can you use what you learn here for anything you want or need to do outside of class?
SchemaCan you relate this subject to anything you already know?
PacingIs the amount of material being covered too little or too much? Too fast or too slow?
ConfidenceDo you approach this subject with apprehension or confidence?
ComprehensionAre the messages, visual or linguistic, comprehensible? Is the vocabulary too complex to follow? Do the communication forms (IM, chat, and voice) adequately facilitate needed communication? Is it clear how the visuals relate to the subject and do they help to understand it?
Background KnowledgeDo you know enough about this subject to understand the work in class today? Is it above your head? Or is it too simple? Should you be teaching this class instead of taking it?
Comfort LevelDo you feel physically comfortable at this moment in time? Socially comfortable?
AppealHow much does the overall learning environment appeal to you?
EngagementOverall, how much do like being here, or not?

If there was one thing the instructor could do to make this class better for you, what would it be?

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Learner's Materials
1 Walking (etc.)
2 Talking (etc.)
3 Shopping (etc.)
4 Interacting
5 Searching
Teacher's Materials
1 Conduct
2 Good approaches
3 Poor approaches
4 Changes in approach
5 Assessment in SL
6 Assessing a project
7 Assessing learning
Specific Tutorials
1 Building
2 Int. Building
3 Camera Controls
4 Groups
5 Land
6 Limits of SL
7 Scripting
8 Textures

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